EUGLOH Talks 2021

Exploring the World with Today’s Constraints
15 Apr 2021 16 May 2021

And the winner of this year's EUGLOH Talks is ....

...Caroline Halfvarson, Lund University

As winner of 1st place, she will have a chance to speak at TEDxSaclay 2022 plus she received tickets to participate in TEDxSaclay 2021

  • 2nd and 3rd Place

    Winners of 2nd and 3rd place received tickets to participate in TEDxSaclay 2021.

    2nd place goes to Joana Fernandes, University of Porto

    3rd place goes to Joana Albano, University of Porto

  • 4th and 5th Place

    4th place goes to Obi Chiagozie, University of Szeged

    5th place goes to Maria Ines Moreira, University of Porto

  • Contest Rules

    Contest rules

    To participate, contestants had to prepare a short (180-240s) video of themselves addressing their own chosen topic in English within the context of ‘Exploring the World with Today’s Constraints’. The videos had to be made accessible on an online sharing portal of the contestant’s choice (Drive, Could, Box, WeTransfer, etc.).

    Eligible contestants’ work was evaluated by a jury consisting of one student and one staff member from each EUGLOH partner university based on the following aspects: presentation skills, choice of topic, relevance of the subject, comprehensiveness, logical structure, innovative approach and convincing style.

    The contest took place between the 15th April and 16th May.

    Further information

    A detailed description of the contest rules can be found here