EUGLOH Campus Life Call



NEW CALL 22nd November 2021- 1st February 2022


The European Commission developed the European Universities Initiative with the aim of strengthening partnerships between Higher Education Institutions, specifically through the creation of Alliances. These Alliances are currently working to improve the quality of European Education, Research and Innovation by means of cross-cultural cooperation.

EUGLOH – European University Alliance for Global Health brings together five Higher Education Institutions across Europe:

  • Université Paris-Saclay (France)
  • Lund University (Sweden)
  • University of Szeged (Hungary)
  • University of Porto (Portugal)
  • Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München (Germany)

Combining their outstanding expertise in the field of Global Health, EUGLOH is building the European University of the Future, a transnational and multicultural campus of over 200 000 students.

Aim of the EUGLOH Campus Life Open Call

With this call for proposals, EUGLOH is challenging individuals or groups from its community to put forward their own ideas, which could contribute to the promotion of the EUGLOH Campus Life Principles, to the enhancement of EUGLOH’s cultural identity and the sense of belonging to a broad, diverse and international campus.

Information Sessions

There will be two joint information sessions, whereby you can find out more about the call as well as have the possiblity to search for a project partner from one of the partner universities. The sessions will take place on:

Details of the Call

  • EUGLOH Campus Life Principles

    The EUGLOH Campus is a space of:

    • Community engagement
    • European and democratic values
    • Cultural and linguistic diversity
    • Mutual respect and understanding
    • Accessibility to services and information for all
    • Physical and psychological well-being
    • Vibrant social and cultural practices

    Learn more HERE

  • Rules
  • FAQs

    1. Application process

    1.1 Who can apply ?

    Individuals or groups with a valid and active link to any of the five partner universities of the EUGLOH Alliance: students, researchers, professors, academic, administrative and technical staff, student associations, social and cultural groups.

    1.2 How can we apply?

    You can apply by filling this application form and uploading it here.

    1.3 What kind of projects can be submitted?

    We are looking for any type of initiative, the creation of a joint network/ association, collaborative (online) games, events or projects on culture/arts, sports, languages, scientific culture and history of science, as well as science popularization, sustainable development/eco-campus and other topics related to Global Health. The only requirement is that your proposal falls under one or several of the following categories: a) Easing mobility b) Promotion of Language and Intercultural Skills c) Joint offer of Social and Cultural Activities d) Diversity, Inclusion and Well-Being

    1.4 Can only new initiatives be submitted?

    This call is open to new initiatives, but also to existing ones as long there is the intention to scale it to other EUGLOH campus and give it a transnational dimension.

    1.5 Can our project be funded by this call if already receiving money from another institution?

    As long there is no overlapping with EUGLOH funding (double funding is forbidden).

    1.6 How long do we have to implement our project?

    All projects must be implemented before 30 September 2022. Once implemented, a report must be submitted within 30 days.

    1.7 Can we edit our application after submission?

    After the submission, the application cannot be edited. We recommend you to revise every field before the final submission. While filling the form, you can save your answer to continue later in case you need.

    2. Team

    2.1 Can a team be constituted by members from one partner University only?

    No. Every team should have, at least, members from two University partners. If your team does not have this composition, please see the question below.

    2.2 We have an idea but are still looking for someone on another campus to join our team. What should we do?

    In this case, you must fill in the registration form, and when asked about whether the team has the minimum required composition or not, you should select “No”. You will be asked to specify the profile of the member you would be looking for. EUGLOH team will help find a match on the desired campus, according to your information.

    2.3 What is the role of the Project Leader?

    The Project Leader is responsible for being the contact with the EUGLOH Team, submission of the proposal and reporting.

    2.4 How many people can our team have?

    No limits as long as it makes sense with the project

    3. Budget and eligible costs

    3.1 How much can we apply for?

    Depending on the nature of the project and the team composition amount may vary.

    Projects can be funded up to 4000€.

    Proposals to be implemented within the framework of the EUGLOH Alliance may be funded by one or more external parties, as longas their involvement is both ethical and beneficial to the EUGLOH community and that there is no overlapping with EUGLOH funding (double funding forbidden).

    Extensions of projects already in place are eligible, as long there is no overlapping with EUGLOH funding (double funding forbidden)

    3.2 How should we design our budget?

    A template is available here

    3.3 What costs are eligible for this funding?

    • Other types of cost (rental services, goodies, catering …)
    • Mobility

    Note: The granted financial support is not to be transferred to the project team. Expenses will be managed and incurred by EUGLOH University partners, following the institutional financial rules. The process will be managed in close collaboration with the project leader and more details will be given once selection is completed.

    4. Evaluation

    Projects will be evaluated on the following criteria

    • Overall quality of the proposal concept design
    • Relevance for the promotion of at least one of the following key value(s) and competence(s)
    • Level of cooperation: involvement of partners from other EUGLOH universities in the project

    5. Reporting

    A template will be given to selected applicants

  • Submission

    Application Form Finances Template

    Submission is now closed

    Contact person: In case of questions please email the EUGLOH team;;;; (

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