Photo contest 2020: Make your campus come alive!

18 May 2020 30 Jun 2020

Virtual photo exhibition of the EUGLOH photo contest

See all the winner photos in this virtual photo exhibition:

And the winner is ....

...jaane_k, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

  • Portrait of the winner

    Dear all members of EUGLOH,

    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who made this photo contest possible. It was loads of fun and amazing snapshots were taken!


    My name is Jane Kumpfmüller and I am a Business Education student at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich. Moreover, I work at the LMU International Office where I am responsible for the LMU Buddy Program which helps exchange students to find their feet as new students of LMU. After my studies, I could imagine doing my master’s degree at LMU and become a teacher. However, I am also interested in going abroad again. Thus, I could think of studying in another country as well. But no final decision has been made!


    This year was a bit different to what we had expected. Students and professors became digital professionals and Zoom meetings were and are part of our day-to-day student life. My photo was taken during that time. Like everyone else, I tried to make the best out of the new situation. And let’s be honest – after all, not everything had been bad. (Including to sit in your apartment in your joggers without anyone noticing 😉) Anyway, I will be extremely happy if we are allowed to go back to our regular classes. What I miss the most is to study with my friends, walk around at our university campus, enjoy the lunch breaks with my study buddies or simply hang out together at the “Englischer Garten” after a busy day, where it was so easy to make new friends.


    Actually, I don’t have a favourite photographer but I’m a huge fan of portraits. Portraits are an exciting photo motif. Every human has its own individual story and a good photographer is able to capture an excerpt from one’s life. In 2019, I went to a photo exhibition called “Rainbow Refugees” at the Tollwood Festival in Munich. A group of photographers portraited various refugees who had to flee from their home countries because of their sexual orientation. In my opinion, their photos were tremendously powerful and their stories really moving. I can definitely recommend to have a look at this work!

  • Places 2 to 5

    Each winner of the places 2 to 5 received a voucher for an online photography course.

    Place 2 goes to Starsonthepavement, University of Porto

    Place 3 goes to taschafotografia, University of Porto

    Place 4 goes to klara.vp, Lund University

    Place 5 goes to Borsosevi, University of Szeged

  • Places 6 to 12

    Each winner of the placees 6 to 12 received a digital frame.

    Place 6 goes to Jessgiol, Université Paris-Saclay

    Place 7 goes to András Dankó, University of Szeged

    Place 8 goes to Imran Abou, University of Szeged

    Place 9 goes to amellisekolli, Université Paris-Saclay

    Place 10 goes to Kathi Orru, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

    Place 11 goes to lavanyalokhande1, Lund University Place 12 goes to three winners:

    a_greeta, University of Szeged

    Bárbara Gomes, University of Porto

    Gellért Magony/ mg3600, University of Szeged

  • Contest rules

    Contest rules

    Each participant has to present a detail/event/scenery inspiring a positive or difficult feeling in regards to the impact of the pandemic on his/her campus life. The picture composition is free and can be reused by EUGLOH and the five member universities. If anyone is to appear on it, image authorisation should be cleared.

    To participate, each participant has to follow the EUGLOH official page, upload a picture on his/her own thread tagging EUGLOH in its post and mentioning the following hashtags #EUGLOH #photocontest1 #covid19 . Participants can upload as many pictures as wished. If a participant sees several of its pictures in the 10 best ones, she/he will only get one reward. •1st prize: a semi-pro camera + portrait of winner on EUGLOH medias •2nd to 5th prize: vouchers for photography courses •6th to 12th: digital frames

    The contest is open from May 18th to June 30th 2020 included.

    Further information

    Participants will have to mention EUGLOH in their publication (text + photo) but publish on their own account. EUGLOH will then locate the mentions and publish the photos and texts on the official channels, assigning a number to each participant.

    A detailed description of the contest rules can be found here as well as its amendment modifications to the contest rules.