Embracing the Unknown presents eSpaces of Creative Encounter

Awaken and energise your creativity and agility in a playful way through different artistic techniques in a safe and engaging digital environment.
13 Nov 2021 11:00 14:00
20 Nov 2021 11:00 14:00
27 Nov 2021 11:00 14:00
04 Dec 2021 11:00 14:00
Online via Zoom (hybrid space). Participants should be at home, with about 1- 2 metres space to move in and must be prepared to interact with the video camera and sound on.
Target Group
all students, staff and the general public
Université Paris-Saclay with the University of Porto
Closed  (Deadline: 10 Nov 2021 23:59)

Short description of content and methodology:

eSpaces of Encounter is a series of four workshops that aims to share techniques from the arts in an online environment.


‘Creative techniques are not only for artists - everyone can benefit from them’

Uncertainty is all around us, affecting professional futures, lifestyle choices, the environment - the list is endless. Creative techniques can help by transforming “fight-freeze-flight” reactions into meaningful experiences. With the arts, we learn to appreciate the questions that are present everywhere and the joy of creation in response to them.

We develop a sense of purpose and meaning through personal growth and connecting with others, but can we do this online?

Through our innovative way of working in digital environments, you will learn to:

  • stay physically present, feeling alive and energised online
  • build trust and create meaningful connections while interacting via screen
  • connect the physical environment with the digital space
  • Integrate techniques of well-being into your online time


Embracing the Unknown, a group of five artists and an intercultural scholar, offers a series of three-hour online workshops that each move through several artistic techniques. In each session we will work with different techniques, exercises, attitudes and philosophical questions from theatre, writing, movement, singing, drawing and visual arts. We offer a carefully curated journey, connecting and exchanging with others from different cultures in a fun and exciting way.

The “Embracing the Unknown” Team:

Five artists from the field of performative arts, dance, jazz, classical music, theater, visual arts and art therapy, and an academic in the field of languages and interculturality, residing in four different European countries. They are: Christoph Falke (DE), Marije Nie (NL), Marta Wryk (PL), Tapani Monenen (FI), Rita Castro Neves (PT), Vera Dickman (FR)

Language: Basic English, Multilingual

Number of participants: 20-24 on a first-come first-served basis, respecting a balance between partner universities