Entrepreneurial Camp

Innovate, promote your own research and create your own start-up!
21 Nov 2022 02 Dec 2022
Target Group
EUGLOH Master and PhD students
Université Paris-Saclay
Closed  (Deadline: 18 Nov 2022 23:59)

Open innovation challenges organisations and implies to change our way of working by becoming more agile and focusing on interactions with the users and customers concerned. The main objectives of this seminar are to make you experience the beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure and to learn how to give birth to new innovative projects.

Through 3 days of intensive training, you will work as a team on projects proposed by the participants, whether or not related to their thesis. To meet this challenge, we support you with:

  • An introduction to Design thinking and Lean Startup: you will learn to give a lot of space to experimentation, iteration, research and understanding of customer issues;
  • A team of experienced trainers: these innovation and entrepreneurship professionals will support you in the construction of your project, from design to prototyping;
  • A proven Business Design methodology with its associated digital platform that you will use to advance step by step in the construction of your project and that you will be able to reuse for other projects.

On the last day, your team will pitch your project in front of a jury of professionals. You will present your concept through the "product-market" fit associated with a proposed business model. Would you be the most convincing team?

The training focuses on application and therefore you will work in groups of 4 on real projects submitted by the participants. So, we ask you to think about a project or an idea that you would like to explore. It can be a real business start-up project, a research result (as your thesis subject for instance) that could lead to start up creation or just an idea of innovation that you would like to deepen. There are no good or bad ideas!

Please send us a description of your project idea in maximum 5 lines/500 characters. You will also pitch it in 2 minutes to the whole group during the Ice-Breaker session. Then each one will choose the project he or she wishes to work on during the 3 days and build teams of 4 (not all projects can be dealt with during the course).

Further information:

  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Language: English