EUGLOH 3D printing and its medical applications

– hands-on course
14 Nov 2022 18 Nov 2022
University of Szeged, Hungary
Target Group
EUGLOH students
University of Szeged
Open  (Deadline: 12 Oct 2022 23:59)

What is EUGLOH 3D printing and its medical applications?

This hands-on course will be held in a 5-day period, starting on 14th November 2022.


During the training, students implement projects of gradually increasing difficulty, all focusing on the medical application of 3D printing. Creative work will be performed in small groups. Participating students will gain experience in processing 3D medical images (e.g. acquired by CT, MRI), using the 3D Slicer software. They will have the opportunity to digitalise objects (i.e. 3D scan them), elaborate on the key steps of 3D printing (slicing, support generation, part orientation, post-production) and finally to optimise these steps according to the object’s requirements.

Who can participate?

Twenty participants (4 participants per partner university) are welcome in the school. Students from all faculties of the member universities of the EUGLOH Alliance (University of Szeged, Paris-Saclay University, Lund University, Ludwig-Maximilian University of München, University of Porto) are welcome. We prioritise students who successfully completed the “3D printing and its medical applications” course but may also consider those who did not, but have basic knowledge on 3D printing. During the course, we provide students with desktop computers and all required software, however, bringing your own laptops with decent graphics capabilities may be a benefit. Having user level IT knowledge in Windows environment is a must and previous knowledge on using a CAD software is a benefit.

How is attendance awarded?

EUGLOH Certificate and 4 ECTS will be provided for the students accomplishing the EUGLOH 3D printing and its medical applications hands-on course. Students will be evaluated at the end of the course according to their contribution and the quality of his/her team work.

Note. Please note that due to the short deadlines the selected student might not get the scholarship before the course or a very short time before the course starts. Please follow the home institution’s communication.