HORIZON 2020 training course

Places available for doctoral students from EUGLOH partners
03 Jun 2020 24 Jun 2020
Target Group
PhD students
Université Paris-Saclay


  • Understand the objectives and challenges of financing Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) in the European context HORIZON 2020
  • Master the different types of European projects and the processes to set-up project and answer to European calls for projects
  • Identify, determine the conditions to respond successfully to a European call for projects
  • Manage a response to a call for projects from the European Commission, the hearing and negotiation of the associated contract
  • Manage a collaborative project of European RDI
  • Acquire an advantage to benefit future employers laboratories

Certificate of Attendance: Participants will receive a certificate of attendance

  • Programme

    The "HORIZON 2020" module presents objectives, themes and programs, thus ensuring a good understanding of the European Research Area challenges.
    The "Horizon 2020 participation rules and funding schemes" module provides the necessary understanding to successfully complete a call for projects and to succeed in a European collaborative project.
    The "project setting-up" module presents the rules and best practices for responding to European calls for projects, optimizing the work of consortium partners, and avoiding working on a project that does not fit the call objectives. This module is realized on 1 session of 6h and 4 sessions of 3 hours.
    A project will be edited in answer to an HORIZON 2020 call according to the model recommended by the European Commission. The proposal development process will be implemented on Sessions 3 and 4 taking into account the Commission's evaluation criteria.
    The purpose of the "European project management" module is to present the various problems, risks of project slippage; management of the treasury of a project and the documents to be produced during periodic reviews and at the end of the project. This module will be conducted during sessions 5 and 6.
    All the interventions are carried out by experts of European projects and are divided between a presentation, scenarios and case studies. The speakers have experience in dozens of European projects with INRIA, CNRS, ONERA, THALES, ALENIA, OSRAM, ...

  • Registration

    Please send an e-mail to Ms Magali Mares: magali.mares@l-up.com

    Registration Deadline : 2 June 2020