Social Entrepreneurship 4 Health

How to develop your social business to improve global health
05 Sep 2022 09 Sep 2022
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
Target Group
Students of all fields and levels of study with an interest in solving challenges of global health
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
Closed  (Deadline: 30 Jun 2022 23:59)


This is a one-week and face-to-face school during which students will learn how to develop their own social start-up. This course is going to be hands-on as students are going to actually develop a social business in the area of global health, which they have to present by pitching it in the end of the week.


In the Social Entrepreneurship 4 Health Course, participants will:

  • Understand problems of Global Health
  • Acquire tools and methodologies to entrepreneurially solve a challenge and apply them to social start-ups
  • Develop own ideas and create a business model
  • Analyse and create impact
  • Get to know and learn from two social startups

Voices from past participants:

“The course was extremely meaningful for me. It was very well organised and precise. The tutors/mentors were very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to approach. The entire organising team did a fantastic job and made it a very special experience. Hope to come back in the future to learn more about this subject and would love to collaborate and put our learning into practice in the real world to solve health challenges.“

"The issues that were discussed at this event are very relevant not only in Europe, but also in the world."

"I really enjoyed the hands-on work and being able to connect with new people from other parts of the world."

"I liked the internationality, the different backgrounds of the participants and the topic of course. I really enjoyed this during the program."

“SE4H was a great but intense experience. I liked the lectures with immediate chance to apply the knowledge in group work and the freedom to ideate our own idea. Also, the internationality and intercultural experience was great. I loved the talk of our guest speaker from hello better as well as the nice feedback form the jury at the pitches. Overall it has been a really good experience.“

Language of workshop: English

Certificate/ECTS: 2 ECTS (3 ECTS are possible with an extra essay) + Certificate (Please note: students must organise the recognition of credits at their home universities themselves)

  • Programme



    Prior to the course, participants take the online course edX “Enabling Entrepreneurs To Shape a Better World” introducing them to the basics of (social) entrepreneurship. They should at least work through Module 1 (4h):

    • Entrepreneurship and You
    • Social Innovation
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Social Business


    After the pre-course, the participants meet in person in Munich to work on developing impact-driven business models.

    Day I:

    • What is social entrepreneurship?
    • How to understand Global Health challenges?
    • How does the European Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem work?

    Day II:

    • Examples of social startups and Q&A pitching
    • How to create an idea?

    Day III:

    • How to create and assess impact (theory of change)?
    • How to create a business model

    Day IV:

    • How to create a financial model
    • How to pitch your idea and impact story

    Day V:

    • Final Ceremony: Pitches and Feedback of Jury
  • Jury Members and Mentors



  • Registration

    Registration: Please register HERE.

    Contact person: In case of questions please contact Anna Schwark

    The course will take place with min. 20 and max. 30 participants. The selection criteria are as follows:

    1. Motivation
    2. Equal distribution among universities
    3. First come, first served