EUGLOH Annual Summit 2024

All Roads lead to EUGLOH

11-14 June 2024

Welcome to the fourth Annual Summit of EUGLOH and to the University of Szeged!

The annual summit gathers staff and students from all nine EUGLOH partners for four days, 11-14 June, and offers an opportunity to further develop the relations and the EUGLOH alliance.

EUGLOH is a European university alliance, partly funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ programme. The European Universities Initiative is one of four flagship initiatives in EU's vision for the European education area. Together with the Horizon programme, the European Universities Initiative will support ambitious transnational alliances of higher education institutions.

During the 2024 annual meeting, the EUGLOH partner universities will be able to discuss how far they have come and what the next steps are for the development of the alliance.

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