Virtual One Health Exhibition

In the Virtual One Health Exhibition, researchers from the five EUGLOH universities tell digital stories about their research projects on various complex global health issues. These projects require a One Health approach because they affect not only human health but also the health of wildlife and ecosystems.

What exactly is behind the One Health approach?

You can discover this through the first story. After that, different examples of One Health topics that are being researched at the partner universities of the alliance are presented.

Test Yourself

If you want to test your learning and your knowledge of One Health after visiting the virtual exhibition, take part in the anonymous final quiz! Schools can also use the essay questions to give students another assignment to complete after visiting the exhibition. Furthermore, the glossary explains all the technical terms that appear in the stories and are perhaps not so familiar.

We hope you enjoy the virtual exhibition and look forward to your anonymous feedback (see links to the evaluations)!