Language Tutoring

Study abroad?

EUGLOH offers mobility opportunities ranging from a few days to several months in the universities of Lund, Munich, Paris-Saclay, Porto or Szeged. In a supportive and welcoming environment you will:

  • improve your language skills in English and other languages
  • get intercultural experience
  • explore new cultures and get to know your own better
  • have an adventure and gain international experience
  • make new friends

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In six one-hour, on-line sessions during the autumn semester this backpack will provide you with:

  • General information on the target country
  • Practical information about the host university
  • A crash course in basic language needs
  • Intercultural awareness

Each session will be taken in charge by trained tutors who are themselves students in the host universities.

On full completion of the sessions each participant will be awarded a Eugloh certificate and offered the opportunity to visit one of the other Universities.

Who is this for?

Any student in a EUGLOH participating university who is considering mobility. (particularly 1st cycle student)

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