Blended Staff Mobility Opportunity for EUGLOH Partners

A webinar, 5 virtual parallel workshops and individual physical exchange

The EUGLOH Blended Staff Mobility Series of Opportunities 2022

The EUGLOH partner universities aspire to create a world-class higher education and research alliance focused on global health before 2025. For achieving this objective, the sharing of good practices and network building are very important.

The blended staff mobility series of opportunities have now reached the part where staff from the EUGLOH partner universities can choose to participate in a staff week or job shadow a colleague.

Physical Mobility

As a participant in the workshops that took place on 15-16 February 2022, you are welcome to contact and make arrangements with the EUGLOH university of your choice in accordance with the following programme:

Physical Mobility Dates

  • Universidade do Porto: 21-25 March
    • Universidade do Porto will host a Staff Week on 21-25 March.
      • To find out more and register please click here
      • Application Deadline: 9th March
  • University of Szeged: 6-8 April
    • University of Szeged will host a Staff Week on 6-8 April.
      • To find out more and register please click here
      • Application Deadline: 20th March
  • Lund University 9-12 May


    Lund University will host a Staff Week on 9-12 May – including the EUGLOH Alliance Day.

    Lund University welcomes you to a mix of interesting seminars and group discussions, job shadowing, visits to world-class facilities, social activities and networking with EUGLOH colleagues.

    The EUGLOH partner universities aspire to create a world-class higher education and research alliance focused on Global Health. The Staff Week aims to facilitate this by offering opportunities for sharing of good practices and networking activities.

    The Staff Week offers a number of different activities, including the Alliance Day on 11 May, and we invite you to register your interest in joining the full programme or part of it, by completing the registration of interest below before the deadline 5 April 2022 at 23:59.

    Link to Staff Week registration of interest: Questions? Please contact Sonia Coelho Sutton

    Selection criteria for the Staff Week Eleven representatives per university will be selected. The information supplied in the registration of interest will allow the selection of participants, who will be informed by email, before 8 April.

    The criteria for the selection of participants are: • Previous participation in one of the February virtual workshops • Balance between universities • Background of the applicants • Date of the application based on the “first come, first served” concept

    The event is free of cost, however, each participant is responsible for making their own arrangements for accommodation & travel.

    Staff Week Programme 2022.pdf

    How to get to Lund:

    Visit Lund:

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 26-30 September (dates are preliminary).

    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München will host a Staff Week on 26-30 September (dates are preliminary).

  • Université Paris-Saclay (dates not set)

    Université Paris-Saclay will offer job shadowing opportunities.

Each EUGLOH university will send out information with regards to its Staff Week/job shadow opportunity to those who participated in the webinar/workshops on 15-16 February.

The physical exchange can be funded by an Erasmus+ grant. Please, contact your university’s Erasmus+ coordinator for further information.


On 15-16 February 2022, a webinar will be held on the theme "The Future of Higher Education in Europe", as well as 5 parallel workshops online with the following content:

  • Career Services
  • Communication & Public Engagement
  • Educational Development
  • International Relations & Student Mobility
  • Library

Details of the Webinar & Workshops

  • Joint Webinar: “The Future of Higher Education in Europe”

    The aim of the webinar is to provide a forum for participants to learn about and discuss recent trends in European higher education, European Commission initiatives and foresight strategies.

    Questions that will be discussed:

    • The role of the European universities in the development of higher education policy, nationally and internationally
    • Synergies with the framework programme and prospective possibilities for European universities to foster deeper research cooperation
    • Objectives of the European Commission for achieving Sustainable Development Goals with the common European Higher Education policy agenda
    • The future and synergies between ERA, EHEA and EEA.

    The webinar will have the format of a round-table discussion with three invited speakers: Sophia Eriksson Waterschoot (EU), Michael Gaebel (EUA) and Martina Darmanin (ESU), all moderated by Caroline Sundberg, Universities in South Sweden Brussels Office.

  • Workshop: Career Services

    The programme can be found here: Programme EUGLOH Career Services Virtual Workshop

    The Career Services Workshop will approach the needs and services of career services in Europe from different angles. Besides networking opportunities, current issues will be addressed, such as:

    • How can we finance our services?
    • What can be done at the faculty level?
    • How can we involve Alumni?
    • What are the actual needs of our students?
    • … and many more.

    For more information, please contact Anna Schwark at LMU Career Services

  • Workshop: Communication & Public Engagement

    In times where crisis is (almost) an everyday affair and social distancing is the rule, Public Relations is highlighted as a key role for all organisations, including Universities, as a valuable tool to preserve the reputation and to guarantee the relationships with all of the organisation’s stakeholders.

    In this workshop ,we will explore how a Communication and Outreach Unit can effectively shape the public image of a University, namely:

    • How to build and maintain a positive reputation of the organisation;
    • How to reach each of its audiences effectively;
    • How to connect with students and staff, in the era of distance learning;
    • How to engage the primary and secondary school students (pre-University target group) with outreach activities;
    • How to respond to a public relations crisis.

    For more information, please contact Raul Santos at the U.Porto Public Relations Department and

  • Workshop: Educational Development

    The programme can be found here: Programme EUGLOH Educational Development Workshop

    During the Educational Development Workshop, let's talk about the role of pedagogical innovation in Higher Education. Across all EUGLOH Universities, we will discuss and exchange new approaches in pedagogy and lecturer training as well as the use of digital learning tools for distant learning and simulation. You'll have the opportunity to create a staff network and to discover how every university addresses pedagogical challenges linked to student success, the Covid-19 crisis and internationalisation.

    For more information, please contact Ms Anke Rudolph at Université Paris-Saclay

  • Workshop: International Relations & Student Mobility

    The programme can be found here: Eugloh Overview Programme International Relations 2022

    Internationalisation and sustainability

    Through the European Green Deal, the continent is striving to become climate-neutral by for instance, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and preserving the natural environment. Leaders and practitioners in international educations are aware of their responsibilities, and many universities now start to discuss and act on how internationalisation can become more sustainable from an environmental perspective as well as from a social perspective. At the same time, the importance of student mobility – physical as well as digital – is highlighted for creating a European Higher Education Area and a sense of belonging.

    Topics that will be discussed

    This digital conference will discuss sustainable internationalisation in a broad sense. Recent guidelines and knowledge will be reported, sustainability will be discussed and questioned, and good practicies will be presented.

    Questions that will be addressed are:

    • What is the EU Green Deal and how green are European universities?
    • How can the EUGLOH universities internationalisation activities contribute to sustainability and what are the challenges?
    • How can EUGLOH contribute to sustainable European student mobility and partnerships, and what obstacles are there to overcome?
    • How can EUGLOH internaitonalisation contribute to change travel and meeting patterns, to reduce the carbon footprint?
    • What aspects of sustainability exists beyond environmental sustainability?
    • Shall european universities be recalibrated or reimagined?

    For more information, please contact Pär Svensson at Lund University

  • Workshop: Library

    The programme can be found here: Eugloh Library Workshop 2022 Programme

    The Library Workshop will attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of the new tasks of university libraries. Many new tasks and issues have been taken on in recent years. Some of these come from the field of open science or analogue-to-digital transformation, while others are related to the general research support (e.g., advice on publications) or more specific issues (e.g., research data management). Experience has shown that in a progressive university environment, new demands and expectations are constantly emerging for libraries: university rankings, scientometrics, innovative user training and many more.

    For more information, please contact Dr Lilla Kocsis at the University of Szeged