Building Bridges - Video Competition

Create a video pitch to show how skills learned at university have contributed to a positive change
23 Mar 2023 23 Apr 2023 23:59
Online and Lund University
Target Group
EUGLOH students
Lund University
Closed  (Deadline: 30 Apr 2023 23:59)

When studying at university, the learning curve is intense, both professionally and also your personal development and growth. Your new skillset acquired during your studies will help you to advance professionally but it can also create bridges with other parts of life and create positive impact across different spheres of society and life.

The competition Building Bridges consists of creating a video where you show how you have created a bridge between university and society. It could for example involve a project you have started which has positively impacted others or if you have helped others using a skill you learned during your studies.

To help you narrow down your focus there is a guiding question for you to answer in the video: "What is the most important skill you have learned so far at university and how have you used it to make a positive impact?"

We invite all students of a EUGLOH partner university to participate in the Building Bridges competition. For more information, review the handbook for the competition. Please note only individual submissions will be allowed.

Three finalists will be invited to attend the Annual Summit in Lund on the 13-14 June to present their videos.