Diversity & Inclusion – E-Conference 2020/21

A Conference Series - Kick-off Day
26 Nov 2020 11:00 12:00
Target Group
EUGLOH students & staff

What does diversity mean? And what does inclusion have to do with it? And: Does this concern me at all? These are the questions we would like to discuss with you at the e-conference series. Exciting discussions with other participants and new insights are guaranteed.

Within the framework of the work package Campus Life, we are also looking at Diversity and Inclusion and how we can raise awareness of these topics on our own campus. This has resulted in a series of conferences until June 2022, which are designed to exchange views on various topics and learn from each other. And we need you for this!

Based on the results of a benchmarking conducted among the partner universities, the program for 2021 includes the following:

  • Policies & Definitions of underrepresented Groups (19.01.2021)
  • Accessibility (16.03.2021)
  • Racism & Discrimination (11.05.2021)

Find out more at our first event, the Kick-Off Day on November 26, 2020.

The further program for 2021 and 2022 will soon be available on this website.

We look forward to seeing you there and to the exchange with you.

  • Programme

    The following programme awaits you during the Kick-off Day (CET):

    • 11:00 am Opening Remarks
    • 11:05 am Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion
    • 11:25 am 2021 E-Conference Program
    • 11:35 am EUGLOH Benchmark Results
    • 11:45 am Open Forum & Q&A
    • 11:55 am Closing Remarks
  • Registration

    Registration: Please register here.

    Contact person: In case of questions please contact Adamma Stekovics (Adamma.stekovics@iucm.de).

    Registration deadline: 26 November 2020

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  • Report

    The kick-off session defined what diversity means, and what inclusion has to do with it in the perspective of our universities. How can our institutions and their communities address these issues? Do they concern me? How can I take play my part? These are the questions EUGLOH is discussing in this exciting series of e-conferences over 2 years, where both students and staff of the 5 universities of the alliance are welcomed to exchange best practises, with the aim to raise awareness on diversity and inclusion throughout its campuses.

    Katherine Fregnac, Manager of the work package dedicated to Campus Life within EUGLOH, explains: “EUGLOH sees inclusiveness and excellence as closely intertwined. One of the aims of our alliance is to make you feel at home no matter which campus you are physically on, and to ensure that each individuality is valued and supported. This series of conference is a great way to address such a broad subject into focus-based moments.”

    Eight e-conferences are to be organised over 2 years, tackling issues such as accessibility, racism and discrimination. National sign language interpreters are available at every conference and audio translation in German, French, Portuguese, and Hungarian will soon be available on request. A dedicated webpage has been created, offering resources and videos on the subjects discussed.

    The next conference led by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and Porto University on Accessibility, Usability & Inclusion will take place on 16th March, and will be followed by a conference on Racism & Discrimination on 11th May, organised by Université Paris-Saclay and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.