Entrepreneurial Skills, 1.5 Credits

An introduction to entrepreneurship by dynamic groupwork
18 Oct 2022 21 Dec 2022
Online & Lund University
Target Group
EUGLOH Undergraduate Students
Lund University
Open  (Deadline: 01 Oct 2022 23:59)


Today we all acknowledge that global society face a number of challenges that need new and creative solutions. We need to learn how to handle uncertainties and unpredictable situations in a productive and progressive way. To cope with these challenges and uncertainties there is a call for more entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

This course contains online lectures on five different occasions and individual work. At the end of the course there will be a two-day hackathon on site in Lund, Sweden when the students will work in teams with the task to deliver a solution to a challenge.

Students will receive a scholarship to meet their costs for travel and living. More information on travel arrangements, accommodation etc. will be sent to accepted students. (LU students participating in the course will not receive the scholarship.)


The course Entrepreneurial Skills aims to:

  • introduce students to the development process of an entrepreneurial project
  • introduce students to the entrepreneurial mindset that is needed for the development process to take place
  • introduce students to the dynamics of teamwork.

Voices from past participants:

"I liked the opportunity to study a different topic and to work with people from different countries and with different backgrounds."

"Anything that has to do with the outside world interests me. I love to get to know other countries, other ways of thinking and living, and this is exactly what I found at the final hackathon in Lund, Sweden. Everything was perfect from start to finish. The online course was very well structured, where we were free to give our opinion and thus we could think more calmly."

"First of all, the content exposed was interesting and useful with just the right balance between theory and practice, as several examples were usually included in the modules.Thus, this addition allowed us to have a more holistic view of the entrepreneurial process."




1.5 ECTS

Entry requirements: students must have 30 higher education credits or the equivalent.

  • Programme

    Schedule (time schedules are expressed in CET):

    Programme (time schedules are expressed in CET)

    • October 18, 15:00-17:00 - Virtual introductory meeting Meet and greet, discussion of expectations, rules of the game.
    • October 30, 23:59 - Deadline online module 1: Entrepreneurship and its role in society Online module to be completed individually at any time before deadline.
    • November 13, 23:59 - Deadline online module 2: The entrepreneurial process Online module to be completed individually at any time before deadline.
    • November 27, 23:59 - Deadline online module 3: The entrepreneurial mindset and the role of creativity Online module to be completed individually at any time before deadline.
    • December 12, 14:59
      • Deadline online module 4: Team work Online module to be completed individually at any time before deadline.
      • Virtual follow up meeting Follow up and discussion about the modules, reflections on takeaways and what to bring forward to the teamwork in December.
    • December 18 - Travel to Lund and check in at the University Guest House from 12:00.
    • December 19
      • 8:30-17:00 Teamwork
      • 19:00 Dinner together with fellow course participants at a restaurant.
    • December 20
      • 8:30-15:00 Team work
      • 15:00-17:00 Presentations: The teams present their solutions and vote for a winner.
    • December 21, before 11:00 - Check out from University Guest House before 11:00 AM. Travel from Lund.
  • Registration

    Registration: Please register here.

    Contact person: For questions regarding the application, the content of the course and practical matters EUGLOH-team Lund University: eugloh@er.lu.se.

    Registration deadline: 1st October 2022

  • Syllabus