International Workshop of the Graduate School Sport, Movement And Human Factors

Preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics Games
13 Jan 2022 14 Jan 2022
Target Group
All the partners of the Alliance
Université Paris-Saclay
Closed  (Deadline: 05 Jan 2022 23:59)

The theme of the International Seminar of the Graduate School Sport, Movement, Human Factors is the preparation of athletes for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024.

The introduction will be made by a member of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee which will provide an answer on the legacy that the Paris Games will leave to education, culture, research...

Four international researchers, specialists in the improvement of sports performance in different scientific fields will speak on the first day. They will explain how their scientific disciplines enrich the performance of athletes.

The second day is organized around two round tables where field actors (high level athletes, Olympic medalists, coaches and performance technicians) will talk about their experience in preparing for the Paris Games. The fields of physical, mental, technical and technological preparation as well as preparation for the specific context of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be addressed.

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