Series of Popular Science Lectures

The Dark Side of the Universe
27 Feb 2024 13:00 14:00
Target Group
Undergraduate students, Master students, PhD students, researchers & staff
Université Paris-Saclay
Closed  (Deadline: 26 Feb 2024 23:59)

What’s the history and the content of the Universe? Can we understand the presence and the formation of today’s galaxies? What are 'the enigmatic dark matter' and 'dark energy'? How do we measure them? In this talk, Prof. Hervé Dole will review in a simple manner how we envision the history of the Universe, based on a confrontation of theory and observations. He will also present images from recent space missions like Planck, JWST and Euclid.

Popular Science Lectures is an activity aimed at offering an interpretation of science intended for a general audience. These lectures encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas between the teacher-presenter and the audience.

About the speaker

Prof. Hervé Dole is a professor of astrophysics (working at IAS, space astrophysics institute) and vice-president for arts, culture, science and society at Université Paris-Saclay. As a scientist, he is a specialist of galaxy clusters in the early Universe and their infrared radiation as seen from space.

He is involved in European space missions Euclid and Planck, and NASA space missions such as JWST and Spitzer. As university vice-president, he promotes arts and culture at the university for students and colleagues, helps foster prestigious partnerships with the Centre Pompidou, Louvre and Villa Medici, and builds stronger relations between science and society, especially with schools, citizens and media.

Learning objectives

Participants will delve into the rich tapestry of the universe's history through a dynamic interplay of theoretical concepts and observational data. Additionally, they will be granted access to captivating images captured during recent space missions, including those from Planck, JWST, and Euclid. This immersive experience will not only offer a visual journey through the cosmos, but also provide participants with the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions by asking questions.


  • Critical thinking
  • Knowledge into action
  • Creativity & problem solving


There are no prerequisites to join the course. Bachelor, Master, PhD students, academics or administrative staff interested in broadening their knowledge of the history of the universe, should register for the lecture.

  • Selection strategy: First come, first served.
  • Number of participants: No limit.
  • Certificate/ECTS: Certificate of participation.
  • Language: English.

This activity is part of Work Package 5.