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Welcome to EUGLOH, the European University Alliance for Global Health! Our alliance brings together the rich educational backgrounds, cutting-edge research expertise and impressive infrastructural resources of nine leading universities from across Europe, all under the auspices of the European Commission’s 

European Universities Initiative

At EUGLOH, we're pioneering a transnational, collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to drive forward education, research, innovation, and societal impact on a global level. Together, we are tackling pressing global health challenges, training the work force of tomorrow and leveraging our collective strengths and intelligence to have an impact both locally and globally. Join us as we work towards a healthier, more resilient world.

Our Vision

One of EUGLOH’s main goals is to create an interconnected campus to foster transnational exchange and cooperation among all of its students, staff and researchers. We envision that travel opportunities accompanied by common infrastructure developments will lead to the creation of one European University campus where students and staff can move seamlessly within the Alliance for study and work.

As an Alliance, we aim to train the global health actors of tomorrow − from European and global leaders, to researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, to experts and practitioners. We envision being a driving force for solving global health challenges ranging from public health, emerging diseases, climate change and environmental hazards to digital technologies and predictive, preventive, participative and personalised medicine.

Our Mission

Amidst global challenges such as socio-economic disparities, public health crises and emerging diseases, EUGLOH embraces the imperative for transnational, inter and multidisciplinary cooperation. Acknowledging universities as crucial hubs for education and research, EUGLOH is committed to empowering its students, staff and partners in confronting these challenges and driving positive societal change.

EUGLOH aspires to become a world-class higher education network, enriching the European education, research and innovation landscape. We are dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences, fostering a collaborative environment and equipping our community with the skills and knowledge to address the global health challenges that we all face. Our strategic goals focus on offering sought-after educational opportunities, cultivating innovative solutions and nurturing the next generation of global health leaders.

In our pursuit of excellence, EUGLOH is set to establish a robust strategic framework, ensuring a sustainable management model and fostering a vibrant, diverse inter-university campus. As an Alliance, we are committed to enhancing the educational, research and innovation capacities, promoting employability, and facilitating career development for our students and staff. We seek to create an engaging and dynamic atmosphere that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and mobility within our activities, courses and programmes, fostering a competitive brand that resonates in the global health landscape. Together, we aim to promote our shared values in both words and action.

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Our Approach to Global Health

Global Health is the topic that brings us all together and the area in which we are proud to excel. For EUGLOH, Global Health represents a highly interdisciplinary concept that calls for concerted action and development in education, research, innovation and service to society directed at equitable health for humans and for the ecosystems in which they live. As an Alliance in Global Health, EUGLOH’s focus lies on identifying and anticipating Global Health challenges and seeking innovative, interdisciplinary, transnational solutions to such challenges on the one hand and to unite and foster fundamental expertise in (basic) research and training of the next generation of Global Health experts on the other. Therefore, EUGLOH’s concept of global health addresses all subject areas – including but not limited to human and veterinary medicine, natural sciences, life sciences, data sciences, engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences.

Our Governance & Operational Structure

Shared governance and operational structures are the foundation of the transformative European university cooperation that EUGLOH aims to achieve. Our strategic direction is guided by inclusive decision-making processes that actively involve students and staff in shaping the future of education, research, innovation and service to society across our partner institutions. At the heart of our governance structure is the Governing Board (GB), comprising the institutional leaders of our member universities as well as student representatives, ensuring that full diversity of the alliance is represented within this important body. The Advisory Committee (AC) provides invaluable insights from external stakeholders in order to foster synergies between academia and society (e.g. public authorities, civil society organisations, industry). Our Executive Board (EB) oversees the execution of our projects, promoting a dynamic environment where strategy meets action. For students, the International Student Board (ISB) empowers engagement and advocacy, enriching campus life and driving the EUGLOH vision forward. Likewise, the International Academic Board (IAB) offers a platform for academic staff to shape our educational and research agendas, ensuring relevance and responsiveness. Behind the scenes, our Work Package Managers Team (WPMT) ensures smooth project implementation through close collaboration and constant communication, while our Institutional Manager Team (IMT) is responsible for embedding the Alliance within the partner universities. Led by our dedicated Secretariat, we uphold the highest standards of quality and accountability, leveraging digital tools and international expertise to drive impactful change.

Join us in building a brighter future through collaboration, innovation and inclusivity at EUGLOH.

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