Aesthetics of Crisis: Health and Well-being

Online course, 3 ECTS
07 Nov 2022 15 Jan 2023
Target Group
EUGLOH undergraduate and masters students
Lund University
Open  (Deadline: 07 Oct 2022 23:59)

About the Course

This course explores how different crises related to health and well-being are represented in a number of captivating, current, and thought-provoking films. Such representations offer a unique opportunity to discuss and discern how we act as individuals in a situation of crisis, and how culture and society respond to crises of health and well-being.

The films and the questions they raise are studied from an interdisciplinary point of view—aside from teachers from Film Studies/the Faculty of Humanities, the course features teachers from the faculties of Law, Medicine, and Fine and Performing Arts. Indeed, a crucial point of the course is to show how perspectives and approaches from different disciplines complement and enrich each other, and how an interdisciplinary approach is crucial in order to reach a nuanced and deep understanding of how health and well-being are represented in film and other media and otherwise affect culture and society.

Aesthetics of Crisis: Health and Well-being is intended for anyone who wishes to gain a new and deeper understanding of questions that concern crisis, culture, film, and society, but the course could be of particular value to those who have work-related, civic, or other experiences that relate specifically to issues of health and well-being

Selection of Students

The selection is based on the motivation, but with an equal distribution between the EUGLOH partners


  • ECTS: 3 ECTS
  • Language: English