Communication and Presentation Skills in Professional Environment

06 May 2023 27 May 2023
Online and University of Novi Sad
Target Group
University of Novi Sad
Closed  (Deadline: 12 Mar 2023 23:59)


The course Communication and Presentation Skills in Professional Environment is created to develop the today’s extremely important soft skills that are used not just in professional environments, but also in everyday life. We are facing many obstacles in interpersonal relations due to the lack of time, cultural diversity or other different reasons. One word that is not understood correctly or one “wrong” nonverbal gesture can often cause misunderstanding that could cost us partnership or friendship. Therefore we have to learn strategies in communication that will provide a good, healthy and enthusiastic environment for our work, projects or even life.

This course contains online lectures about verbal and nonverbal communication, interactive sessions to practice the theory from the lectures, case study analysis and small group projects that will help the communication process in professional environments.

The last course date will take place in-person at the University of Novi Sad. Students will receive a scholarship to meet their costs for travel and living. More information on travel arrangements, accommodation etc. will be sent to accepted students. (UNS students participating in the course will not receive the scholarship.)


The course Communication and Presentation Skills in Professional Environment aims to:

  • introduce students to the process of verbal communication and key strategies to improve their public speech
  • introduce students to the process of nonverbal communication and improve their body language
  • introduce students to the process of misunderstanding management
  • introduce students to the “universal design” elements, i.e. into the communication with the person with special needs

Voices from past participants:

"My life changed! After attending the course, I started a diet, I published a book and I approached the problems in communication from the absolutely new perspective. I changed myself!"

"I will never forget my fear from public speaking in front of total strangers and the joy of handling it during the course. Thank you!"

"Until now, the perspective of the persons with special needs was totally out of my focus. Now I understand what we should do to help all the people, and I mean all, to communicate.”





Entry requirements

Applicants must currently be registered as a student at one of the EUGLOH partner universities.