Reproductive Health Education

19 Sep 2024 21 Sep 2024
University of Szeged
Target Group
Undergraduate, Master & PhD students, Researchers
University of Szeged
Closed  (Deadline: 11 Jul 2024 23:59)

The topic of achievements and challenges in reproductive health education among teenagers is relevant due to its significance in addressing crucial aspects of adolescent health and well-being. It explores the effectiveness of educational efforts in promoting informed decision-making and overall reproductive health awareness.

Students participating in the course have the opportunity to submit their own presentation (one 15 min talk) or join the programme as an interested party:

  1. We welcome applications from students who can deliver a short presentation on achievements and challenges of reproductive health education among teenagers. It is recommended to approach this topic from several perspectives, e.g. mental health, psychology, economics, pedagogy, arts, etc.
  2. Students who are interested in the topic and would like to learn more from each other and from experts are invited. As the course will run in parallel with the Diczfalusy Symposium, course members will also be able to participate in some of the conference sessions. (

The scientific focus of the symposium will be around the following themes:

  1. Status and main research activities/scientific achievements of in vitro fertilization in the region
  2. The situation of medical training and specialization
  3. How artificial intelligence can support more effective reproductive health care.
  4. Hands-on trainings in micro-surgery – only for students from Health-Care

Content and Methodology

Peer learning and review, interactive communication tools, teamwork, networking, working in multicultural contexts, working in multidisciplinary teams.


  • Ethics & Responsibility
  • Knowledge into action
  • Intercultural skills


  • Selection strategy: In case of student presentations: abstracts will be assessed on a 1–5 scale. In case of participation: motivation as a filter, applicants must submit a motivation letter explaining their motivation to apply for the event (maximum 2000 characters).
  • Number of participants: 18 students are invited (2 per partner university).
  • Certificate/ECTS: 4 ECTS.
  • Language: English.

Please note that the participants will get a scholarship for travel and subsistence. The participants will be contacted by the EUGLOH team at their home university to get more information.

This activity is part of Work Package 2.