The Entrepoly week

Fostering entrepreneurship competences with gamification
23 Nov 2020 26 Nov 2020
Online program without any physical activity (only virtual mobility)
Target Group
Students from all fields and all levels (MA/MSc students preferred)
University of Szeged

Entrepreneurship competences are considered as one of the most important competences for further generations. Throughout this week the participants will get familiar with the real entrepreneurship competences (that are much more than simply launching business) according to the EU-s EntreComp Framework while fostering creativity, vision, motivation, and several other soft-skills. We will do this in an interactive gamified fashion, implementing a new online serious game (called Entrepoly) and applying several other interactive techniques and games. All in all, this will be an entertaining international experience!





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  • Report

    40 students from 5 different countries tested the Entrepoly game during a EUGLOH event

    A four-day innovative workshop of ISGEE and EUGLOH international projects took place on 23-26 November 2020, where almost 40 international students could master entrepreneurship competences through the method of gamification. During the online event participants also had the chance to test the demo version of the entrepreneurial serious game called ‘Entrepoly’ developed by the ISGEE project.

    With the cooperation of the two international projects, the staff of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged organised a four-day workshop, in which nearly 40 students took part (both Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD level) from 5 partner countries of the EUGLOH association.

    EUGLOH (European University Alliance for Global Health) including the University of Szeged and four foreign universities, is a unique alliance aiming – among other goals – at developing students’ skills for their future careers through innovative educational methods. The Entrepoly week for “Fostering entrepreneurship competences with gamification” was carried out within the framework of the EUGLOH project. The organisers used the results of the ISGEE international project to create a truly innovative four-day program for almost 40 international students.

    The ISGEE project (featuring University of Szeged, West-University of Timisoara, VSB Technical University of Ostrava, Univations, Stucom and Expertissa) is an international partnership with Erasmus+ funding to develop digital entrepreneurship competences in a playful way, with the help of gamification. During the project the six international partners are developing a freely accessible serious game and a teacher’s interface, which can be used in education and the content of the game can also be flexibly customised. Thus, the end result would be an enjoyable educational game that can fit almost any course.

    During the workshop the educators introduced entrepreneurship competences and gamification in a playful and interactive way. On the first day, students were able to gain knowledge regarding entrepreneurship competences. On the second day, the focus was on gamification and its usage, and students could try themselves in different gamified environments. On day three, participants had the opportunity to try the demo version of the game developing entrepreneurship competences, created in the ISGEE project. During this day, they had to solve a variety of creative tasks in the ‘Entrepoly’ serious game, from strategies for surviving a shipwreck to investment decisions in start-up companies – doing this with the support and supervision of the international partners of ISGEE project. On the last day, as a summary of the three previous days, students were given a team assignment. They had limited time to come up with a mobile application idea. This mobile app needed to encourage people to be environmentally friendly and act as conscious consumers in a playful way. Besides their creativity, this task also required students to use the skills acquired during the first three days.

    Due to the current pandemic situation, the workshop was carried out online. Therefore it was possible to acquire digital learning skills and cooperation methods as well. Students from all EUGLOH member institutions (Université Paris-Saclay, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Lund University, University of Porto and the University of Szeged) were represented at the workshop.

    Based on the feedback from the students, they found the four-day workshop particularly enjoyable. They were able to learn the basics of entrepreneurship in a playful way by working in an international team. We hope that we will be able to create an equally fruitful cooperation in the future in order to improve education

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