Digital Media in Health Communication and Literacy

2nd Edition
13 Oct 2021 11 Dec 2021
Target Group
EUGLOH students from 2nd and 3rd study cycles and all study areas
Universidade do Porto
Closed  (Deadline: 18 Oct 2021 23:59)


The “Digital Media in Health Communication and Literacy” activity will allow participants, over an intensive 9-week programme, to be immersed in a collaborative learning environment, built around digital media projects applied to health.

The students will have the opportunity to be guided through an exploration process of various methodologies (as design thinking, lean start-up, Agile), with a special focus on the creation of communication materials and health literacy, both in linear and experimental formats.

Throughout the course, students will be assigned to multidisciplinary teams and have access to speakers and mentors who will provide assistance and help ensure that the teams are well on track to complete the project on time.

The course will culminate with a public meeting in Porto during a 3-day period, in a hybrid session format, where students will have the opportunity to finish the work developed in the 8 previous sessions (held only online), and participate in an elevator pitch format. Students may choose to attend this final event in person or online. Those who attend in-person will also benefit from a cultural programme before and after the session.

Added Value for students

In this programme, students will have the chance of working in multidisciplinary teams, alongside colleagues from the EUGLOH Alliance, and will have access to a group of mentors, speakers, and experts from the EUGLOH’s ecosystem who will support and guide the teams during the training experience.

This activity will enable its participants for a creative use of digital media for the communication of complex scientific concepts.



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  • Registration

    Registration: Please follow this LINK.

    Number of vacancies: Approximately 45 vacancies (approx. 9 students per EUGLOH partner University)

    Registration deadline: 30 September 2021.

    Contact: In case you have any questions, please reach out the EUGLOH team at U.Porto (

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