EUGLOH Summer school – Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences (LAMELIS)

05 Jul 2021 09 Jul 2021
Target Group
Students and staff members; Bachelor, Master and PhD students from all faculties of member universities of the EUGLOH Alliance
University of Szeged
Closed  (Deadline: 28 Jun 2021 23:59)

What can you learn?

Lectures, interactive discussion sessions and teamwork from distinguished experts of the field provide comprehensive overview of the basic theoretical background and practical applications of lasers in medicine and life sciences. Since lasers revolutionised additive manufacturing, state-of the art developments in 3D printing technologies with a primary focus on application in life sciences are also covered. Discussion and dissemination the implications of these developments in a broad sense, including industrial, social and legislative perspectives.


Participating students are trained by live streaming or video courses in different topics related to the development of transversal skills:

  • Basic theory and operation of lasers
  • Basics of optics
  • Classification of lasers
  • Lasers in medical imaging
  • Lasers in therapy
  • Laser-assisted manufacturing
  • Lasers in perspectives:
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Government
  • Industry
  • Legislative
  • Additive manufacturing, 3D printing

Certificate/ ECTS: EUGLOH Certificate and 4 ECTS

Language: English