Introduction to Portuguese

30 Nov 2020 08 Dec 2020
Target Group
All those who want to learn to communicate and interact in European Portuguese in basic everyday situations. No prior knowledge of Portuguese is required.
Universidade do Porto


In this course, students may get to know Porto better in the company of a fun group of students and learn to communicate in Portuguese in basic everyday situations, based on the presentation of language contents and guided practice.

As a teaser, watch this short video:

Each didactic unit is organized based on daily communicative situations and proposes the following path:

  • watching one episode of the series;
  • watching short videos on specific linguistic contents organized by topics;
  • practice through a variety of exercises at the end of each topic;
  • completion of a quiz at the end of the unit for self-assessment of the skills achieved.

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Certificate/ ECTS:

Each participant who successfully completes the course is given proof of participation. To be successful, you must do the final quiz of each learning unit, a total of 8, and obtain a score of 50% or more in each one.

  • Programme

    Learning units:

    The course has 8 learning units:

    • Unit 1. Introduce yourself and present someone
    • Unit 2. Make choices and indicate the location
    • Unit 3. Buy a subway ticket and go to the cafĂ©
    • Unit 4. Go shopping and asking for directions
    • Unit 5. Go to the restaurant
    • Unit 6. Use of leisure time
    • Unit 7. Buy gifts and make invitations
    • Unit 8. Have a picnic and say goodbye
  • Registration

    Registration: Please register here.

    Contact person: In case of questions please contact the EUGLOH team of U.Porto (

    Registration deadline: 30 Nov 2020