1st EUGLOH Symposium on Nanomedicines

28 Jun 2021 09:00 18:00
Target Group
Senior Scientists, Post-Doctoral Fellows, PhDs, Undergraduate students
Université Paris-Saclay
Closed  (Deadline: 21 Jun 2021 23:59)

The symposium will cover the expertise of different groups from the 5 EUGLOH partners regarding novel material, nanoparticle design and applications in drug delivery.

  • Programme
    • 9:00 Introduction on Eugloh, Pr Sylvie Retailleau & Pr Sandrine Lacombe, Université Paris-Saclay
    • 9:30 Plenary lecture: Squalene-based nanocarriers for the delivery of small molecules, Pr Patrick Couvreur, Université Paris-Saclay
    • 10:10 Nanoparticle engineering in modern drug formulations (per os, pulmonary and intranasal applied nanoformulations), Dr Rita Ambrus, University of Szeged
    • 10:30 Porous Nanoagents for Drug Delivery, Dr Karin Möller, LMU Munich
    • 10:50 Nanoparticles with brains and feet: How to generate a molecular memory and a migrating capability in nanoparticles, Pr Maria Kempe, Lund University
    • 11:10 Round Table

    11:25 Break

    • 11:45 Highlight of scientific and technological strategies relevant to the development of drug delivery systems, Pr Sallete Reis, University of Porto
    • 12:05 Nanocoated brain implants, Pr Jens Schouenborg, Lund University
    • 12:25 Regulatory issues in Nanomedicine and QbD-based nanomedicinal development, Pr Ildikó Csóka, University of Szeged
    • 12:45 Round Table

    13:00 Break

    • 14:00 Plenary lecture: RNA gene medicines: evolution of synthetic carriers, Pr Ernst Wagner, LMU Munich
    • 14:40 Pulmonary delivery of siRNA as antiviral treatment of respiratory virus infections, Pr Olivia Merkel, LMU Munich
    • 15:00 Biofunctional nanomedicines for colorectal cancer: From local to target delivery, Pr Bruno Sarmento, University of Porto
    • 15:20 Delivery of nucleic acid mimics (NAMs) into bacteria, Pr Nuno Azevedo, University of Porto
    • 15:40 Round Table

    15:55 Break

    • 16:15 Cage nanoparticles to treat cancer and infection, Dr Ruxandra Gref, Université Paris-Saclay
    • 16:35 Nanomedicine: toward a more predictive preclinical evaluation, Dr Simona Mura, Université Paris-Saclay
    • 15:55 Peptide-containing colloid carriers for nasal delivery route, Pr Gábor Katona, University of Szeged
    • 17:15 Nanomedecine and inflammatory diseases, Pr Elias Fattal, Université Paris-Saclay
    • 17:35 Round Table
    • 17:50 Conclusions
  • Registration

    Registration: Please register here.

    Contact person: In case of questions please contact Elias Fattal elias.fattal@universite-paris-saclay.fr.

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